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Honesty,  Speed,  Environment

A Member of Sagami Shoko Co., Ltd. (Japan)

More than 65 years we've built trust in our business.


Sagami Shoko (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sagami Shoko (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is subsidiary company of Sagami Shoko Co.,Ltd, that for 65 years has always focused on servicing middle and high-end electronic material market.


Due to being agent and distributor of many Japanese manufacturing companies, and more than 10 years’ oversea servicing experience in Hong Kong and Mainland China, we found another subsidiary company in Thailand in 2018, in order to develop the market of electronic materials and PCB materials in Southeast Asia.


Primary Products


The trust that we have built up over the 65 years since our founding lives in every one of our products.

Please consult with us concerning all kinds of processing, from electronic materials to PWB materials & others.

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Honesty, Speed, Environment

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Environment Commit


Throughout our history, Sagami shoko has always valued relationships between individuals. It is because of the mechanical nature of the electronics industry that we always put so much human spirit into our support.


Our network spans many areas, and we have constructed a system that allows us to respond to a wide range of circumstances. You can entrust your needs to us, particularly when you are in a hurry. Let us use the wide scope of our operations and our comprehensive deadline management to help your business.


We are dedicated to complete environmental management. We will continue working to conserve resources and reduce by products, as each of our employees maintains an awareness of the need to improve environmental performance in his/her work.


For inquiry, quotation, and information, please feel free to contact us.

Our team will get back to you within 48 hours.

Chinese, Japanese, English, and Thai languages are welcome.

Tel +66(0)2-8215800

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